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Impregnating Sealer for Polished Concrete

Impregnating Sealer for Polished Concrete



- Simple protection for decorative concrete used for wall decoration, but mostly the first step of complete protection systems (varnish or protector system).
- White non-toxic water-based liquid.
- It hardens concrete surface and enforces the crystalline structure of the concrete forming mineral components of high firmness.
- It increases waterproofing qualities of the surface by filling the pores between the grains. - Applicable in 2 to 3 layers.



- Indoors and outdoors.
- Walls (if used separately). Refer to our Sealers Overview to choose a finishing product most adapted to your project.



- Varnish brush, paintbrush.
- The tools must be cleaned with water immediately after use.



- The surface must be at least 5 days old at 20°C for Layered Decorative Concrete (EBC) and 3 days old for seamless floors (RBX or SCBC).
- Moisture of the concrete coating must be inferior to 5% according to D.T.U. 59.1 (the French Building Code regulations) «Mural Painting Work».
- The surface must be clean, dry and free of oil, grease or laitance traces.
- It is necessary to use a vacuum cleaner on newly placed decorative concrete before applying the Impregnator Sealer.


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- Room, surface and product temperature for product application must be between 12 et 30°C.
- The product is applied with a varnish brush (paintbrush) in a uniform way.
- Applied minimum in 2 layers (depending on porosity and surface of the concrete coating).
- Drying time: away from dust for 30 min at 20°C.
- Do not overcharge the surface with the impregnator sealer but apply in several levels until the product cannot penetrate any more. For aesthetic reasons do not leave any ‘puddles’ (risk of whitish traces).
- Application of the 2nd layer: after 1 to 4 hours depending on the temperature.
- The same algorythm for the 3rd layer in order to lay necessary amount of the product.



-Drying time away from dust: 30 min.
- Dry to touch: 1 hour.
- In case you use a complete protection system lLeave to dry at 20°C for 24 hours minimum before application of Mono Aqua Varnish or for 48 hours before solvent-based protector or Bicomponent Solvent-based Varnish.



- In order to preserve the product and its sealer (varnish, wax etc...) we advise to place the felt pads under the legs of the furniture,chairs etc., even if they are made from plastic.
- Do not leave any coloured water spots or grease stains for a long time. Wipe them out as soon as possible.
- Cover flower pots to protect them.
- To clean the surface use common non-aggressive cleaning products or cleaning shampoo.
- It is forbidden to use any ammonia-based or any concentrated anti-scaling agents.
- It is important to maintain the surface applying regularly a layer of the last sealer. To insure a good grip of the sealer it is necessary to clean and polish the surface (with a single-disk polisher).
- The frequency of this operation depends on the use of the surface (make a test with a water drop: if it is absorbed, a new layer of the sealer must be applied).



- Consumption:
70 ml and 90 ml /m2 per layer.
- Format: jerricans:
- 1 L (up to 7.1 m² for 2 layers).
- 2 L (up to 14.3 m² for 2 layers).
- 5 L (up to 35.8 m² for 2 layers).
- The cans can be kept for one year in its original unopened packaging in a place protected from the frost, heat and humidity.



- See the most recent version of this technical specification (contact distributors). Our distributors are at your disposal for any clarification.
- Performance and durability guarantees for the decorative coating may be given only in case a complete system of products is used (primer, product itself, sealer) and strictly according to instructions for application and maintenance of the system. Thus, the manufacturer will not be liable for poor product’s performance if an application did not conform to our instructions and if the integral system was not used.
- All the information, tips and advice relative to final illustration of products are given in good faith. They are based on knowledge and experience has acquired so far regarding its products that were appropriately stored and handled, and applied in normal conditions. In practice, the differences between materials, surfaces and specific application conditions are such that provided information, written recommendations or given advice do not imply any warranty of merchantability other than the legal warranty against hidden defects.
- Colours and aspects in our colour charts are indicative, and cannot be considered as contractual. The same is applied for boards and panels displayed at retail outlets. It is preferable to use identical samples as much as possible. These products lead to results with subtle differences that can also arise depending on application conditions (applicator’s gestures, temperature etc).


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