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Textured All-Surface Primer


- Adhesion primer, textured watery liquid used before application of layered polished concrete.
- Improves adhesion.
- Regulates porosity of a surface by filling pores.
- Helps avoid bubbling.
- Limits spectrum appearance that might occur due to differences in surface porosity.
- To be applied in one layer on smooth surface (be careful to conform to consumption indications depending on working surface and type of layered polished concrete used) and in two layers on porous surface.
- Reduced drying time.


- Interiors/exteriors
- Floors/walls
- Tiles
- MDF, marine plywood or waterproof plywood (before the use of layered decorative concrete)
- Porrous surfaces:
- Cement screeds and walls
- Concrete slabs
- Aerated concrete
- Anhydrite Screeds
- Caution! No use on submerged or water sensible surfaces – in this case use Liquide Waterproofing Primer.



- A medium/long nap roller, a brush and an extention pole in case the product is applied on floors.
- Tools cleaning: with water immediately after use.

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- The surface must be hard, cohesive, non-friable, clean and dry.
- Scrape off paint, plaster, cement limewash. Glue traces should be removed so that they did not form a film anymore. You can preserve only residual surface coloration.
- Dust off by aspiration.
- Anhydrite screeds: the surface must be limewash- and dust-free. Screed moisture must be inferior to 0.5% (use calcium carbide test).


- Liquid ready to use.
- Stir well before use.


- Application temperature: + 5°C to + 30°C
- On tiles and closed surfaces: apply a layer of primer with a roller or a brush.
- On porous surfaces :
- for layered decorative concrete (EBC): place 1 layer of primer;
- for concrete look seamless floor (RBX or SCBC): 2 layers are needed to avoid bubbling (according to consumption advised, see § Performance, Packaging and Storage). The 2nd layer is placed no earlier than 30 minutes after, but only if the 1st one is dry for touch;
- special case – Plaster: dilute the product with 20% of water;
- special case – Anhydrite Screeds: the 1st layer must be diluted with 20% of water, the 2nd must NOT be diluted.



- Drying: 30 to 45 minutes at 20°C and according to surface absorbtion.
- Be careful not to get the obtained surface dirty while walking before layered polished concrete is placed (put up planks or rigid panels for protection), otherwise adhesion might be affected.



- Only after the primer is fully dry to touch.
- Covering period: minimum 45 min - maximum 24h at 20°C.


On tiles:
- Consumption : 75 g/m2.
- Format: buckets of 1 kg (or 13.3 m²), 2 kg (or from 26.6 m²), 6.5 kg (or from 86 m²) and19.5 kg (or from 260 m²)
On porous surfaces:
For layered decorative concrete (EBC):
- Consumption : 150 g/m2.
- Formats: buckets of 1 kg (or 6.6 m²), 2 kg (or from 13.3 m²), 6.5 kg (or from 43 m²) and 19.5 kg (or from 130 m²).
For concrete look seamless floor (RBX or SCBC):
- Consumption: 300 g/m2 minimum.
- Formats: buckets of 1 kg (or 3.3 m²), 2 kg (or from 6.65 m²), 6.5 kg (or from 21.5 m²) and 19.5 kg (or from 65 m²)
- Products are kept for 1 year in original unopened packaging, away from frost, high temperatures or humidity.


- Layered Decorative Concrete (EBC).
- Concrete Look Self-smoothing Floor (SCBC).
- Concrete Look Self-levelling Floor (RBX).


- See the most recent version of this technical data sheet. Our distributors are also at your disposal for any clarification.
- Performance and durability guarantees for the decorative coating may be given only in case a complete system of products is used (primer, product itself, sealer) and strictly according to instructions for application and maintenance of the system. Thus, the manufacturer will not be liable for poor product’s performance if an application did not conform to our instructions and if the integral system was not used.
- All the information, tips and advice relative to final illustration of products are given in good faith. They are based on knowledge and experience has acquired so far regarding its products that were appropriately stored and handled, and applied in normal conditions. In practice, the differences between materials, surfaces and specific application conditions are such that provided information, written recommendations or given advice do not imply any warranty of merchantability other than the legal warranty against hidden defects.
- Colours and aspects in our color charts are indicative, and cannot be considered as contractual. The same is applied for boards and panels displayed at retail outlets. It is preferable to use identical samples as much as possible. These products lead to results with subtle differences that can also arise depending on application conditions (applicator’s gestures, temperature etc).


In accordance with the new French regulations that establish limit value for the VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) present in constructions materials, this product MERCADIER respects the environment. This regulation states that construction and decoration products must be provided with a label indicating the level of volatile organic compound emission in a simple and readable way. We have the pleasure to confirm that this product is A+ (the lowest possible VOC emission value).

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